Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure when buying or selling a vehicle?

If the title to the vehicle is transferred by its owner, or the legal relationship authorising the use thereof is terminated during the year, the validation of the rights may then be requested for the newly purchased vehicle or the one put to use on the basis of any other legal relationship. The person applying for the registration of transfer shall present the registration papers of the newly purchased vehicle, the document evidencing the fulfilment of the reporting obligation concerning the sale of the vehicle issued by the document office, or any other document evidencing the legal relationship authorising the use of such vehicle, as well as the control slip or receipt notification evidencing the purchase of the rights, at anyNational Toll Payment Services Private Co. Ltd.'s customer service point; furthermore, he/she shall return the e-vignette control slip attached to the formerly used vehicle, and shall pay the transfer fee. The transfer fee, inclusive of VAT, shall be 1,470 HUF.

Is a single e-vignette valid for all vehicles owned by my family or company?

E-vignettes are strictly linked to the licence plate. One vignette can only be used for one vehicle; exchanging vignettes within the fleet is not permitted.

Why can’t I buy an annual e-vignette for a time-proportional price?

The e-vignette is a product with an officially regulated price. Price calculation includes significant discounts and typically favours long-term and frequent road use. In comparison to e-vignettes with a shorter duration, introducing a time-proportional price calculation is not a feasible option.

What should I do in the event of accidental damage caused by stones or wild animals? What steps should I follow?

Request help from the nearest engineering bureau (use the roadside emergency telephone if needed), and wait until a dispatched road inspector arrives.