The following road sections can be used toll free:

  • the M31 motorway,

  • the section of the M43 motorway between the Makó junction and the national border,

  • the Pécs south-west loop section of the M60 motorway between roads no. 58 and 5826,

  • the M85 expressway,

  • the M86 expressway,

  • the M8 motorway,

  • M9 expressway on its section between Main Road 6 and Main Road 51,

  • the Kaposvár loop section of M9 expressway (sign of Main Road 61),

  • the section of M4 expressway (sign of Main Road 4) between the road leading from Vecsés to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (section between km section 19+550 and km section 20+518),

  •  the following sections of the M0 expressway:

    • the section between Main Road 1 and the M5 motorway,

    • The section between M4 expressway (Main Road 4) and M3,

    • Megyeri Bridge (the section between Main Road 11 and Main Route 2).

In addition to the above , the remaining sections of M0, and, in addition to the access and exit sections of the expressways within the beltway, the currently toll-free city bypass roads and highways will also lose their toll-free status and shall be used with a valid e-vignette after the new regulations take effect.

Attention! In connection with the Toll Payment Decree of 2015, a “Transitional provision” entered into force relating to the toll payment
The amendment of Toll Payment Decree determined a real grace period. Pursuant to the transitional provision, car drivers who used any road subject to toll payment between January 1 2015 and January 31 2015 on an unauthorized way, shall be exempted not only from the payment of excess charge but they need not to pay the service fee of HUF 1,470 applied in other cases either if they purchase an annual regional or annual (national) road use permit relevant to the location of the unauthorized road use before February 28. If such a driver receives a notice for payment of excess charge, he/she can arrange the case by mail or personally at one of the customer service offices of the National Toll Payment Services Plc (in 17 offices nationwide).
The answers to questions arisen in relation to the changes until now can be read here.

The National Toll Payment Services Private Company Limited By Shares (NÚSZ Zrt.) toll and toll free road network can be divided into two main groups:


The e-vignette user charge system applies to motorcycles, automobiles, campers and coaches and their trailers, and cargo vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons.   


The scope of validity of the regional vignette extends outside the relevant county, up to the first junction past the county border.

Click here to see the territorial validity of the regional vignettes according to junction numbers and road section numbers.












For vehicles of over 3.5 tons of maximum permissible gross weight (categories J2, J3, J4). Road use authorisation for these cargo vehicles can be purchased in the e-toll system.  The toll and toll free sections of the e-toll system can be seen on this map.